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Home Support Service for Older People

The HSE Home Support Service (formerly called the Home Help Service or Home Care Package Scheme) aims to support older people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and to support informal carers. 

The support you will receive depends on your individual needs. These supports will be provided by the HSE or by an external provider, approved by the HSE.


The Home Support Service is free. You do not need a medical card to apply and your income will not be assessed. However, if you arrange additional home supports, over and above the level funded by the HSE, you will have to pay for these.

Who can apply?

The Home Support Service is available to people aged 65 or over who may need support to continue living at home or to return home following a hospital stay. Sometimes exceptions are made for people younger than 65 who may need support. For example, people with early onset dementia or a disability.

The Home Support Service provides you with support for everyday tasks including

Claiming Tax relief on Home Care

If you are paying for home care services for a loved one
you can claim tax relief at your higher rate of 40% income tax.

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